When What You Don't Know DOES Hurt (your Business)!

What are "they" saying about you?  Learn how to manage your Online Reputation, and use your GOOD Reputation as a marketing tool to promote your business.

You are outstanding at what you do, but in today’s world of online media, you also need to build a strong reputation online and market that reputation to get more customers.

Imagine if a search for your business online revealed comments like:

"The steak tasted like cardboard. Completely over-rated and overpriced."

"They charged me $2000 but put in 2nd hand car parts."

"Get this company to paint your house...... if you're on drugs!"

"Three words: just avoid it. Not a 4.5 stars hotel."

Would you do business with anyone that had reviews like that? Unlikely!

We show you a structured framework to Managing your Online Reputation, and how you can use your GOOD Reputation as a marketing tool to promote your business.

Marketing your Reputation requires more than just having a profile on some review sites. It includes building and implementing a comprehensive review process, a customer service improvement process, building your social brand and leveraging your positive reputation. You will learn a structured approach to Reputation Marketing using a combination of these tools.


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Workshop ($25.00)

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August 13, 2013 10:00 - 12:00 (GMT +10:00 Melbourne)

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The Geelong Club
74 Brougham Street,
Geelong, VIC, 3220,

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